We are The Elements.
We’re five experienced professional singers, united by a love of and devotion to improvisation.
We’re an a cappella vocal improvisation quintet based in Berkeley, California.

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playing nicely with others

Our work – well, you’ll hear our work: it’s harmonic, unpredictable, raw, hearty, musical, alive. It’s often underpinned by a prayer or intention, for something little or something big. It’s often healing oriented.

It comes from somewhere. The improvised music. It comes from a person, or people, or place. Somehow, we seem to sing the fabric of things. It’s a form of ritual singing. Completely beautiful and alluring. Deeply touching. Worth living for – or rather, worth changing your life for, which we have all done.

Contemporary Vocal Improvisation is an ancient thing, but in modern music, its an emerging field.

We are the next generation, following in the footsteps Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, and Voicestra. They are our teachers and elders. Now we’re on the scene.

The Elements are:
Shay Nichols, Sam Rogers, Briony Greenhill, Green Huse, & Christopher Kuntzsch